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, in transportation, energy extraction and so on. i hope rick will be pleased to hear that i'm not blaming this entirely on president obama. >> well, on theother hand, mike, president obama's solution to all this and they're saying it in europe, the imf is saying it, is to have this global wealth tax, to tax the rich more, to bring the rich down, that will help income disparity. what do you think of that plan? >> as we've seen under president obama, david, the exact opposite happens. one of the areas where obama has really hurt the economy is with small businesses. his investment tax increase really hurts small business. it went from 35% to 43% on passive income. this really is an usual. during expansions y typically see new business startups accelerate. this is the only recovery i've seen back the 1930s where new business startups have flat lined. when you increase tax rates on them you don't get that capital. all that money that rick is talking about that needs to be spent, invested into new businesses. that's the genesis of economic growth. capital investments. >> while small businesse
their promises. >> the prime minister is very keen to encourage energy users to switch providers to get the best tariff. why has it been so difficult over the past three years to switch mobile phone providers? >> across all the utilities, we want it to be easier for people to switch. we have done that on banks. it is now easier to switch bank accounts because of the hard work of the chancellor of the exchequer. it is now easier to switch energy providers because of the excellent work of the secretary of state for energy and climate change. it ought to be easier to switch with other utilities, that is an important bit of work that we are doing. >> the number of apprenticeships in cornwall has doubled since 2010, which is helping to create a stronger economy and a fairer society. will the prime minister meet me and a delegation of young people from cornwall to see how we can further promote these very worthwhile schemes? >> i am delighted with the news about the number of apprenticeships in cornwall. the government have made a major financial commitment to funding apprenticeships. that is making a
one light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb, the energy saved could light how many homes? 1 million? 2 million? 3 million? the answer is... 3 million homes. by 2030, investments in energy efficiency could help americans save $300 billion each year. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls, with cinnabon cinnamon, are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. make breakfast pop! >>> in a market where many stocks have run up so much, we're always on the lookout for laggard and losers. it's time for speculation friday. i got a serious comeback play for you to consider. i'm talking about mcdermott, symbol is mdr. mcdermott is a construction firm building offshore oil and gas facilities. the stock has lived up to the old name of murder because if you own mcdermott, you feel like someone has murdered your portfolio. the stock is down 28% for the year in a fantastic year. that is hideous! however, i wouldn't be talking about it unless i believed this ugly dog could be up to new tricks. the truth is thi
, the energy saved could light how many homes? 1 million? 2 million? 3 million? thenswer is. 3 million homes. by 2030, investments in energy efficiency could help americans save $300 billion each year. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. ♪ >> that's it? i found what i want for christm christmas, a keyboard for my iphone? is it as good a deal as it is. by the way the keyboard for the iphone is backed by ryan seacrest. clayton morris has the story coming up in a moment from now. look, we're off and running, it's friday morning, we've had a fairly strong jobs report. the market loves it and will you look at this? we're right in the trading session and we're going to go up about 100 points. before we show you that, here is-- yes, look, we're up 40, but going higher. here is scott shellady in chicago, i say a lot of people are saying it was a strong jobs report, are you buying it? >> i'm going to say it's better than expected. don't have employer exuberance. we have a couple of numbers to see for the rest of the economy. no, i'm waiting until the afternoon, we've seen a noon swoon the la
shipping with the reliability of fedex. where does the united states get most of its energy? is it africa? the middle east? canada? or the u.s.? the answer is... the u.s. ♪ most of america's energy comes from right here at home. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. take the energy quiz. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare. >>> welcome back to "squawk on the street." i'm sharon epperson. >>> natural gas, the best performing commodity today, a surge to a six-month high on the heating demand incurred from the icy/wintry weather we are seeing in new york across much of the northeast and the country. we are looking at a mixed picture in oil prices. both are lower but crude proved more significantly. we had german production numbers that were lackluster. also, we are seeing the premium of brent to wti come in significantly from where it was a week and a half ago or so. when you look at the commitment of traders reports, it does look like people are trimming their net long positio
to be replaced by david dixon. and before that he ran the u.s. arm of technip a terrific energy construction firms that's one of the principal competitors. dixon has 23 years of offshore experience. that's right, in engineering construction for oil fields and i think he's the right guy for the job. i think he has the experience to turn the company around. mcdermott's management is being revamped, but that alone will not make for a turn around, creates the potential for one. what do i think is happening could encourage shareholders? first of all, and this is crucial in any stock story comeback. after all the company's missteps, the expectations for mcdermott have gotten so low that the stock seems to be impervious to bad news. what i regarded as a disappointing quarter. earnings coming in well below expectations. company's backlog decreasing an astounding 9% and serious execution issues in the regions. what happened? the stock did nothing. hmm. we've reached a point where this kind of weakness is expected. it's baked into the stock. and i've got reason to believe the next quarter could be a w
energy? is it africa? the middle east? canada? or the u.s.? the answer is... the u.s. ♪ most of america's energy comes from right here at home. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. ♪ nothing, that's what? that's why i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. 'cause it gives me a big fat zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc. the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. [ larry ] you can't beat zero heartburn. and best of all, it means i can enjoy all the foods i love. oh, zero heartburn is awesome. just like zero clery. ♪ [ male announcer ] prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. andchanged history. i'm jamie colby. more headlines 30 minutes away. ♪ don't need a lot of money money money ♪ ♪ we just want to make it ♪ with affordable health care >> catchy, huh? that's the winner of the administration's obama care video contest. forget about the price tag. well, try telling that to a majority of young folks who think they're going to be socked with a hefty price tag because of
's a question for you. if every u.s. home replaced one light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb, the energy saved could light how many homes? 1 million? 2 million? 3 million? the answer is... 3 million homes. by 2030, investments in energy efficiency could help americans save $300 billion each year. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. ♪ ♪ >>> oh, yeah, this has been a truly outstanding year for the market. a downright fabulous, frankly, even with a down day like that, you got to mention. at a time when so many stocks are up so much, there are still some big-time laggers and losers. as we head into the end of the year, it is worth considering what the heck they're doing wrong, so we can figure out how they can get back on track. a little positive and constructive tone here. that's why tonight i want to highlight the five remaining lagers in the dow jones industrial average. the only five stocks in the index that are up less than double-digits for the year, yep, just five. in this year of incredible outperformance, ibm, caterpillar, at&t, exxon, and cisco, all well-known names are al
with a compact fluorescent bulb, the energy saved could light how many homes? 1 million? 2 million? 3 million? the answer is... 3 million homes. by 2030, investments in energy efficiency could help americans save $300 billion each year. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. that's mine. ♪ that's mine. ♪ that's mine. ♪ come on, kyle. ♪ [ horn honks ] that's mine...kyle. [ male announcer ] revenge is best served with 272 horses. now get the best offers of the season. current lessees with an expiring lease get this 2014 ats for around $299 a month. ♪ >>> you all know that the ipo market has been absolutely on fire in 2013. tons of fresh-faced companies give you enormous gains on their first day of trading. but after the dust has settled and the initial wave of euphoria has ended, how many of these newly-minted public companies are still worth owning? which of the 2013 class of ipos can still be bought? while the rest of you were gobbling down leftovers, i was sifting through this year's deals to find new names that are still attractive buys. tonight i've got six great ones for you.
of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. >> i put my personal information on the website when i was trying to look for information and i was very confident. stuart: is it secure? >> i was confident. >> is it secure? >> i don't run it today. >> that was esekial emanuel one of the architects of it on the program yesterday. he would not answer the question, he asked him three times. but last night on hannity we got an answer from one of the hackers who tested the security of the site. >> if you were to rate on a scale one to ten amazon in terms of their securitiment ten being the best and greatest security. >> i would say amazon does a great job. probably a ten. what would you rate >> about a one or two from a security perspective. stuart: oh, the obamacare website security emerging as a key issue today. in the next hour, the top trial lawyer in the country weighs in. w
. and i think we're beginning to raise that energy enough -- up enough, to pass laws in states and to make moves in cities. unfortunately, as you have illustrated already, we've got a lot of resistance in that republican house of representatives. >> you know, john, the fast food industry is very profitable. it's into the billions. they could afford to pay these people. how do we know? because they're ominously silent about it. bottom line here is, these protests, i think, are going to have to continue. and these are brave workers. these are people without protections who are going out in front of their place of employment, saying i want a raise. and who knows how the owners are going to react to it. they could be taking names and over time they could be moved right out of those positions. i mean, these are brave americans that are stepping up, saying i'm willing to put my job on the line and speak up. now, these big corporations say they can't afford to pay their worke workers more. what's your reaction to that? what are the numbers in this industry? >> it's simply not the case they cannot
for that curbing number from the energy department at 10:30. we're watching gold prices. they have reversed course. we're above 1225 an ounce. we'll see if this remains or a short coffering bounce for now. >> all right, sharon. so much going on in your world. thanks. >> dennis kozlowski will be released on parole after eight years in prison. he was convicted for stealing more than $100 million from tyco. a new york state parole board tentatively agreed to release the 67-year-old next month. his lavish spending of kous included that $2 million birthday party in 2001 for his then wife and who could forget the $6,000 shower curtain. apparently some of the conditions of parole, he's going to have to seek employment as part of the deal, can't open any kind of fiduciary role, a bank account or credit account without the parole board essentially giving him permission. >> that's pretty severe. the enterprise value of tyco when koz left was 62 billion and the current is $92.7 billion. that company was -- the parts were worth more than the whole. >> they've got a lot of different parts, adt, the one that co
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to act on. these bills would do things like increase the supply of american energy and build the key stone pipeline. roll back red tape and unnecessary regulations. >> right. build the key stone pipeline, roll back regulations. but wasn't there something else? something the house voted on like 40 times? what was it? >> delay the individual mandate and allow the american people to keep the health care plans they would like. or just scrap the health care law wreaking havoc on our economy. >> oh, yeah. that. let's bring on our panel from washington, political strategist, angela rye, principle of impact strategies and msnbc contributor, jared bernstein, senior fellow at the center of budget and policy priorities. jared, start with you. this is president obama going deep. he really went in on an issue you have been working on for a long time, which is income inequality. what was your reaction to the president's speech today? >> i did think it was a speech of some depth. and i wrote that, because i thought that it was a very skewed diagnosis. we used to talk about inequality and i've been
energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. >>> we got to go back. can we go back to that picture. willie geist. >> it's iconic. >> this is nathan, once again. >> nathan. that's going over the fireplace. if i had a fireplace that would go over the fireplace. >> it's going over my fireplace. >> get a fake fireplace that you put up against the wall and then put that picture up over it. >> i got a couple of bathrooms in my house. i'll frame that. >> in the master? >> and the guest. >> so -- >> what was that, t.j.? >> oh, my gosh, shock jock sound effects. it's barnacle. >> speaking of bathrooms, turn that mic off. >> look who is here. visiting professor from the macintosh chair. >> take a look at the morning papers. "detroit free press" in just a few hours a judge will rule if detroit should get the green light to brode it's chapter 9 bankruptcy filing. if approved the bankruptcy would be the largest
energies into making sure that money is well spent and has a big impact, including giving to things like the global fund. >> is there a number in your head, though, when it comes to your kids? >> it won't be a huge percentage of the wealth. they will have a chance to make their own mark, earn their own salary, exactly how you strike that balance, i guess you think about it, you wait until you grow up and see how they develop, but it's clear and they are very aware that most of this money is to go back to society and save lives. >> i want to turn to an issue that's big right now in the realm of technology. obviously you are a pioneer in this field. last night, amazon's ceo jeff bezos announced that his company amazon is working on a drone delivery system. he calls it octocopter i think and he says it will be delivering books to your doorstep in a relatively short period of time. let's listen to what he said. >> could it be, you know, four, five years, i think so. it will work and it will happen, and it's going to be a lot of fun. >> five years until it drops off the book you ordered. is t
s when he was running, so did not have the energy of richard nixon in 1960, or obama running in 2008 and so on. >> and mrs. eisenhower, a lot has been written about your parents' relationship with the eisenhowers. how do you describe it? >> i think that one of the things i enjoyed doing when i was working on the project of eisenhower's retirement years, was to look at that relationship and to think about it more, and i'm amazed that eisenhower and nixon got along as well as they did. you have two presidents, rumbling around together. a president is going to be someone who is very driven, as an agenda, device eighten hour, and richard nixon as 39 becomes his vice president, who already is showing signs he is on his way. so the fact they got along as well as they did is a testament to self things, but i think eisenhower should be praised because eisenhower made the vice-presidency significant. the sent my parents to 53 nations around the world as goodwill ambassadors. they were the vietnam in 1953, 53 nations, because he believed in person to person diplomacy, and my father liked that.
enrichment program. but that applies only to the nation's peaceful energy needs. in a statement released tuesday, the white house says it will negotiate with tehran as long as it holds up its end of the agreement to curtail its nuclear capabilities under tight oversight. this is the first time the u.s. has explicitly said that iran has the right to enrich. >>> yasser arafat was not the victim of poisoning according to tests by french forensic scientists. that contradicts a report. they found he was killed by radioactive polonium. >> this will not put the conspiracy theorys to rest. >>> eight minutes after the hour. coming up, a celebrity chef in a heated courtroom battle. did two sisters steal millions from thnigella lawson? we're live in london. >>> an incredible rescue. a man trapped for days underwater. >> this sais an amazing video. tweet us the "early start" rhyme if you rhyme with jacoby ellsbury. #morningrhy #morningrhyme. tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool. well, i would disagree with you but, ah, that would make me a liar. no dude, you're on the jumbotron! whoa. ah...yeah,
channel curt's intelligence and energy in a productive direction, there wasn't anything you couldn't get done. you could say we got a whole lot done. and to be with evan bayh, somebody who i've admired enormously over the years and i often said he probably thinks this is in jest, one of the reasons i got involved in public service was because of the model of pure public service that he provided while he was a very young governor of the state of indiana. well, listen, i'm going to take a moment to give you a couple of reflections on no labels and why i'm involved. and it was great to hear from joe manchen. joe and i were elected governors together, he a democrat, i, a republican. we used to call each other and share ideas on tax reform, on education reform. on getting things done. we love the environment on you can actually achieve results. that's the great thing of being a governor. i look at so many of the members of the utah state legislature who are here. and with each one of them, i can tell you stories about how we were able to get things done and the can-do attitude. it was remarka
and the minority aids initiative and national strategy on hiv-aids. ow is the time to recommit our energy to an aids-free generation. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from seek recognition? ms. kaptur: permission to address the house for one minute. as co-chair of the ukranian caucus, i rise today to condemn violence current currently igniting in ukraine yeah at the hands of their top official. their targets are peaceful protestors and journalists who have been harmed. shouldn't the president and the ukranian government be working to ensure a more open society rather than repressing their own citizens. shouldn't they be rebuilding citizens to freely voice concerns about the future of their country. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators. over one million people have taken to the streets out of frustration at that government's abandonment. as protests escalated, journ lifts were met with vial interest police crackdown and many were burned by tear gas. for many years now, ukranians have desired a government and country that embrace liberty, democracy and human
. it's on economic issues where we the that's the big source of energy in the republican party right guyss outsiders and little against great concentrated power, right? issues like n education, governor jindal and former governor jeb bush came to washington not long ago to stand the department of choking ecause they're the situations in louisiana. they opened up the school system black kids, 90% 100% of them poor, all of them dnf failing schools to open system so they can have a better school. two first parents in washington, michelle and barack obama choose the best for their kids. why shouldn't all americans have the equal opportunity to choose the best school for their kids. republican idea that you can take to the inner city, that you can take into the hispanics, that you can take to lower and middle voters. who's the favor? everybody. so guys, we appreciate it, thank you all for being here today. >> tomorrow connecticut governor will speak in washington, d.c. about some of the issues his state is focused on, in particular, education. be speaking at the american en
energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ >>> welcome back to "new day" on this thursday. i want to bring you the latest on the latest headlines. a powerful arctic blast is set to deliver its next punch, a snow and ice storm expected to stretch from the southern plains to the ohio valley. more snow also falling in the rockies but at a bit of a slower pace and snow continues to fall in the upper midwest. in minnesota, the storm is being blamed for nearly 500 car crashes statewide on wednesday alone. >>> actor paul walker may have survived the initial impact of saturday's fatal crash, autopsy results suggest the "fast & furious" star died from a combination of traumatic injuries from the crash and the resulting fire. the report also confirmed that walker was not the driver of the car. meanwhile, universal pictures says it is shutting down production of "fast & furious" seven indefinitely. >>> hackers have stolen roughly 2 million e-mails and pass words. a new report says an untold number of computers were hit
commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. ♪ through 12 ice storms brewing ♪ ♪ 10 straight days raining ♪ 9 hailstorms pounding ♪ 5 mysteriously heavy holiday fruitcakes ♪ ♪ 4 actual tree houses ♪ 3 blackouts ♪ 2 weird to mention ♪ and a roaming horde of carolers ♪ ♪ with my exact same route [ female announcer ] no one delivers the holidays like the u.s. postal service. priority mail flat rate is more reliable than ever. and with improved tracking up to 11 scans you can even watch us get it there. and look for our limited edition holiday stamps. >>> all right. this just in to cnn. 49 people, including some current and former russian diplomats have been charged in a medicaid fraud scheme. what's new today, doesn't appear that it's just a case of stealing, but also spying as well. let's get the latest
of economic development, improved education, enabling techniques for developing new energy resources. the challenge is our a mess. the free flow of ideas that test societies not yet ready to respond, or those wild card or network threats such as the nontraditional threats posed by non-nationstates cyber actors. these types of threats continue to test us on a daily basis. i think the world of cyber and everything out there in the generation for the of young people involved in getting an education today, and where you may be, as i look at my career backwards 33 years and look forward to the kinds of things i have experienced, what one can imagine, what i can imagine standing here today, projecting myself maybe 30 years ahead and trying to think of all of the changes i have seen and many of the others in this room that have been around a little bit, the kinds of dynamics we have seen change. in the information world in just the last work -- five or six years, facebook only came onto the scene in 2005. today, over half a billion people are connected via twitter. these are just some of th
at the water vapor. a big storm in the pacific northwest and energy in the southeast bringing you clouds and maybe light rain. not a big deal. the good plus side to this is the temperatures are actually above normal. look at this. 70s especially through new orleans looking for 77 by the middle of the week. that is a system that is trying to crawl up the east coast so we know conditions will than warming into the northeast. that is great. we are kind of in between two systems. warming no rain and the one that is back behind it. let's take you way back. actually going to give you temperatures first because we know it's warming up. a pint above normal so nothing major. now the pacific northwest a system we will watch all week long. a pretty good snow maker. throw and wyoming and montana 1 to 2 feet of snow is possible. the big story is the temperature chill as this guy makes its way across and temperatures diving down to the south and the west and all the way east. we have a full week. >> we are getting that? >> like the weekend. we love cold weather on the weekend. >> gosh! thank you. >> t
, but we have got to move on. we got to pull all our energy to the tigers, the top five team, and we'll pat ourselves on the back after that game. >> speaking of coaches who don't want to look ahead. urban meyer with the longest winning streak, 24 and 0 in his two-year tenure at the ohio state university. but the question is will the champion unfairly jump the buckeyes in the standings. >> i'll have a comment on sunday. we play a game. for someone to ask about something after this game, that's cheating my football team p and there will be no conversation about what happens after this game until after the game. >> reporter: all right then. we'll move to the nfl. the giants and redskins played a classic nfc match up. the giants up seven late in the fourth quarter. in a critical second and five, the pass may have been a five yarder, jeff triplet and his crew never called the chain gang out to measure and the redskins subsequently missed their opportunity effectively ending the game for washington, and just as effectively anchoring coach shanahan, and they're going to be demoted for the error.
america? >> well, you have to understand that the demand for an energies in wages to a living wage, and an opportunity to have a voice in the workplace, that is going to be a long term effort on the part of these workers. so they're building this effort. exactly it's not happening overnight and it's going to be something that they have to develop. they have to grow and expand their numbers and they also have to find ways of bringing admonish community folks to become their allies. getting those folks to really work with them, to achieve this end. >> you've heard the arguments on the other side. we heard former mcdonald's kerry say that the minimum wage being raised to $15 an hour would kill jobs. what do you say to that? >> we don't think so. we think that paying a fair wage to folks would give them the dollars to spend in our community, would grow our economy, it would help these folks to be able to take care of the basic necessities of their lives and that would keep us citizens of this country from needing to pay for government programs, and charitable programs in our communitie
, a trade bill, an energy bill, a conservation bill and even a national security bill. one out of every 12 jobs in the united states is related to agriculture. in the house version of the bill, i strongly support initiatives that help beginning farmers and ranchers start their agricultural operations. i support initiatives to promote the development of local food markets, tighten payment limitations and enact reasonable reforms to the snap program while also protecting those with food security needs. i'm hopeful that the final bill written will retain the important reforms that actually help save taxpayer money and ensure farmers receive important risk management tools. mr. speaker, a recent university of nebraska survey showed that a majority of students desire to move home to their rural hometowns given the right opportunity to provide for themselves and raise a family. in recent years, our state, through hard work, personal responsibility and responsible governance has distinguished itself as an ideal place to live and to work and to raise a family. more than any one piece of legislatio
. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ to help secure retirements and protect financial futures. to help communities recover and rebuild. for companies going from garage to global. on the ground, in the air, even into space. we repaid every dollar america lent us. and gave america back a profit. we're here to keep our promises. to help you realize a better tomorrow. from the families of aig, happy holidays. a desperate effort is under way to save an american being detained in dubai. chaz kassim was rested in april with some of his friends after they made a mock documentary about teen life in dubai and posted it on youtube. he is held in prison. we are going to get more from family members when they join us during the 8:00 hour of "new day." >> crazy story. >>> and "new day" does start right now. >> the thermometer in my truck said 7 degrees when i was driving over here, so it's cold. >>> a snow-dumping storm covered the rockies and is headed so
that is believed to contain one quarter of the world's undiscovered energy resources. plus new groundbreaking technology used by law enforcement to bring down criminals and the crime rate. that's next on al jazeera. >> they are some of the meanest streets in the country. two cities where the california dream has really been fading into a reality of crime, but oakland and richmond, california, are fighting back. not with boots on the ground, but with bots. technologhat can track a gunshot from thousands of miles away. "techknow's" lindsay moran spent time on the ground to find out how this works. >> reporter: oakland and richmond is a network of high tech ears. acoustic sensors that could be a game changing in reducing gun violence. it's part of "shot spotter." within seconds after a gun is fired the system pinpoints the location, and alerts police dispatchers and patrol units. >> the first thing it shows is that there were multiple gunshot fires and give us pinpoint location. i almost have realtime information where shots are being fired and where i'm going. >> here's how it works. when a gun
brain energy -- injury and loss of cognitive function. one point is unequal treatment under the law. when i lost my disability insurance, we're limited to like two years whereas some of them as cancer or parkinson's or something like that, he goes on for the rest of their life. we are caught up -- cut off automatically at two years. i have a good psychiatrist. i have an neuropsychiatrist. i have a urologist. all of these guys. seen that these people work together as an integrated team even though they are working on the same bodily organ, our brain, the most complex organ in our body. guest: thanks for calling. those are both critical points. i wish we had the whole 30 minutes to cover both of them. then the focus on the latter point about the integration of care. you're absolutely right. i mean, one of the problems we have here is that we have disciplined smoke all of which are looking at problems from the at thisan that come with very different training, different language, different treatment approaches. imagine for a moment if we had two fields of medicine on the heart, one that
was fifteen and that is because of a fall it's an energy that i didn't feel anywhere else meditations on it but that's it sent the bike and was the no on can combine the museum fountain and art said sharif as well as cultural and spiritual capital. his boss that the government of the most useful. in fact they are close. it just a kitten intellectuals can post a few years many of them cover we'd university. no one had a fever and this was the world's first university in the lead and that has always attracted thinkers from far and wide including westerners. and while this is just upset me. so fast that the second study to be a book and the moon the moon. london irish medical professor noted in may means towards him though. historically fares is pride itself on its openness and tolerance safely say they voted that it opened at site to talk about gnosticism. and so did those things. the heretics and. this also is was is out now this could be a prison cell. lindsey and chris thomas. but is in fact the film cents. welcome to the hollywood world. if he could not wait to also use this at the
. but what cyber monday does is that it gives retailers an extra bit of energy following the black friday weekend. and gives them, also, gives railers a it chance to see what kinds of deals are catching on with shoppers and what kind are n not. christmas eve is three weeks from tomorrow. nobody has any time to lose. retailers are going to keep up the steady stream of discounts all the way until the end because, you know? >>. >> do you see a day in the near future when the cyber monday sales are greater than what happens on black friday? >> that wouldn't be surprising at all. well, for one reason, black friday is coming diluted, more and more stores are opening on thanksgiving. the sales are starting on the monday before black friday. but, you know, stores will remain important to retail and some people think that online will top out at 20% of overall retail sales and now it's about 10%. >> so, we shouldn't -- this shouldn't spell the death of bricks and mortar stores? >> no. and smart retailers know how to use their physical stores to complement their ecommerce so they work hand-in-hand s
values and commitments. if we refocus our energies on building an economy that grows for everybody and gives every child in this country a fair chance at success, then i remain confident that the future still looks brighter than the past and that the best days for this country we love are still ahead. thank you, everybody. god bless you. god bless america. >> that was president obama, who just finished a landmark speech on inequality, economic fairness, and opportunity, speaking in one of the poorest areas of the nation's capital. the president's remarks come at a time when 11.5 million americans cannot find a job and workers' wages have never been lower. at the same time, corporate profits are soaring and the stock market is regularly hitting all-time highs. these disparities have become too stark to ignore, and in his speech, the president issued something of a warning call for the american dream. >> the basic bargain at the heart of our economy has frayed. the idea that so many children are born into poverty in the wealthiest nation on earth is heartbreaking enough. but the idea
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to fix be anotherthat would story. host: kathleen sebelius will be testifying next week before the energy and commerce subcommittee on health care. what do you think she should be asked? would ask her the status of where things are. and what help she needs from the congress, if she needs laws changed. in not the written usual way where we have all the hearings, using the reconciliation process. a political mover inside congress. there were some things that did not get in and some drafting errors. appearing inusion the courts. all kinds of things that were not quite perfect because -- when it was written. i would be asking her about that. what do you think is the first, second, and third things we should do? why are there no metrics to catch a late how long it takes to correct? guest: i suspect there are people who are smarter on computers who can tell you how long the average -- i think the average now on getting onto the site is a few minutes and seven our. few minutes instead of an hour. the metrics are getting better. it is not important. it is important that it improve. if it is 29 mi
in their individual districts and states. call me crazy, but i'd rather use our resources and our energy in beating democrats, not other republicans. mike lee can win utah, but he probably could not win in new hampshire. chris christie can win in new jersey, but he would have a very hard time winning in alabama. and i don't care how many times or how hard ted cruz can hug barack obama, i don't think he could win the majority of the latino vote, the majority of the women vote, a fourth of the black vote in a blue state like new jersey. i want to win elections. that requires fielding candidates that can win. fielding candidates that fit the population needs, priorities of the places where they are running. a winning republican candidate with whom i agree part of the time is a hell of a lot better than a losing republican candidate with whom i agree all of the time. and because this is new hampshire, i want to make an aside here. kelly ayotte is a winning republican candidate. and she's an even better senator. she is thoughtful, she is courageous, she has brains, she has heart, she has guts. she worri
to do is channel that energy and imagination and the risk-taking and to engage that. i'm afraid in too many schools that there are -- they are replacing a challenging this with medication. and i think that the parents should get a second or third opinion before you put your child on the drug. there could be boys who need it. i don't want to be dead set against it or anything. and there are children who need it. but even the majority of psychiatrists agree that it is overprescribed and one psychologist recently wrote that if you want to reduce the amount of ritalin, offer more recess. because it's known that kids can find is not good for girls and undermine their effectiveness in the classroom and it is especially bad for boys. it's bad and i think that this kind of epidemic of the prescriptions is a symptom. >> host: have 15 minutes left with our guest christina hoff sommers. please go ahead. >> caller: it's great to have her on the program. let me also say, and i know you've had a lot of families, are you there? >> host: we are listening. please go ahead. >> caller: he has written a l
was the energy secretary for the first four years of the obama administration. a nobel prize winning physicist. a brilliant guy. and the opening ante-dote of the story basically shows how the aid to president obama considered him literally a political aid yacht. and they wouldn't let him talk on the expertise about climate change. they were so concerned about how disruptive he would be. their messaging and i think that's the tensioning inherit in the conflict we're seeing playing out over health care right now. at the end of the piece we get in a little bit to the tremendous vail of kathleen who had several years of quiet service as a secretary of health and human services now under fire many calls for her to resign as a result of the botched rollout of obamacare. i think you have to look at what was the message she was getting from the white house as this website was being played out. was she empowered to do that. tom daschle was going to be the secretary of health and human services. glen reports in the piece, he wa
, tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy, leadership. plays baseball as well. you watched, weeks ago, they had a huge game in clemson. here is this red-shirt freshman standing in the hallway, giving everybody fives and telling them we're ready to go. one of the younger guys on the team, but the lyeader of the team. this would have been heartbreaking for them. >> do you think that this is absolved, do you think this will affect any voting for the heisman or not? >> it's going to be interesting. i would hope it does not. i would hope it does not. obvio obviously, the season is not over. we have a couple more championship games coming up this weekend. he's clearly one of the front runners for the heisman trophy, if not the front runner. i would hope that now that the legal proceedings have played out, there are no charges, it shouldn't affect any voter from choosing jameis winston. >> thank you, appreciate you being here with me. jameis winston. by the way, his attorney will give his reaction to this afternoon's big announcement. that happens just about an hour and a half from now. we'll have liv
is to put a lot of energy into patch, which i think was good for the country. i've had more newspaper people stop me to say the patches around the city are made up of local newspaper and invest in journalism because they are afraid that you were going to get more aggressive and i'm not talking about small because the bigger companies did that so i think patch helped fuel the local community information and the fact that journalism matters in local communities and people shouldn't be investing in it. when we talked to julius jankowski i don't know whether you'vyou read his interview bute had commissioned a study and what he found was consistent with what tim said, the problems you can offer on the local side. can you talk a little bit about that, you cursed him talk about patch from a newspaper perspective. is it as bad as the study suggests? the numbers suggest that the top 200 that true areas have the toughest times and when it is smaller than that it is actually stronger. so 200 is a big number. it's very difficult to cover with companies covered in the past given the pressures on the news
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